District 47 Fall Conference

Friends, family and the final fall conference for District 47. It was the first conference I’ve attended in a few years… and it was worth the wait!

We are great! What it takes is imagination. You reap what you soak – so sponge it up! Let’s get down to business. Actually, it’s better to move on.

We found it. Flying cockroaches! It turns us into animals. That’s getting old. Again. We should get together – but make sure it’s different. It’s fine to be all fluff.

And a trophy is coming back to Sunset Speakers! Congrats Kenya!

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“Making Decisions As A Group”

Palm Beach Advanced shows how easy parliamentary procedure can be. Just like taking a drive. We wanted an eagle as our mascot. Or is it a Fighting Irish? Darth Vader has our vote (we don’t want to get force-choked).

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“We Become What We Think About.”

Sunset Speakers was not “ebullient” about the service. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. If you’re happy and you know it… Our Wonder Woman can make dinner appear just like that.

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“Wake Up and Smell the Inspiration”

Sunset Speakers “ruminates” about having it backwards. Last, we celebrated the dark spirit version of New Year’s Eve. The beauty is inside. First, the Pink Goddess shows up.

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Division D Humorous Speech Contest

I came to support a fellow Sunset Speaker. It started with lost of bags and snoring. Then hand surgery. The doctor made suggestions. Some people have to ease off the macaroni and cheese. In the end, we found out that we will have a Sunset Speaker speaking at the final Fall Conference!

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“Best Way is always Through”

Sunset Speakers had a taxi driver trying to “bamboozle” the drunks. Movement helps manage stress. The stage is for our performance. Moore is the man.

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“Innovation Distinguishes a Leader From a Follower”

Sunset Speakers has “encouragement” for running the household. If you have a low battery, charge it up. Perception is reality. We’re killing the bees.

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“Do or Do Not. There is no try.”

Sunset Speakers will “dissipate” when the thieves are the only ones earning money. A pipe hit the windshield and there was broken glass everywhere. God is for real.

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“Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results”

Sunset Speakers creates good “karma”. I missed the trauma. Focus on one at a time. Now I know why I’m single.

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“Consistency is Sanity”

Sunset Speakers is “fastidious” with our open house. Where’s the daddy? Show the kids some love. Human beings can show that we can do anything, even when it’s insane.

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