Division I Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests

We had to go at the Division I Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort in the Bahamas.  It wasn’t your typical shoot-em-up.  It was the breakfast of champions.  All our senses were affected.  That really stinks…

Try teaching your wife football.  She might leave with a tight end.  Or stay away from the ball carrier.  As long as you don’t fumble at night.

We put it under our pillow and prayed.  The mystery guy used to be me.  I like to keep my paycheck in my pocket – it was my fifth raise.  In the divorce, she would have gotten the fancy car, boat, and house, except that I don’t have any of that.  The only thing I got is that I’m getting old.

I know how to name-drop too.  Denzel has nothing on me.  That deserves a clap.

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