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I'm a member of Toastmasters International. We help people become better speakers and leaders.

“Innovation Distinguishes a Leader From a Follower”

Sunset Speakers has “encouragement” for running the household. If you have a low battery, charge it up. Perception is reality. We’re killing the bees.

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“Do or Do Not. There is no try.”

Sunset Speakers will “dissipate” when the thieves are the only ones earning money. A pipe hit the windshield and there was broken glass everywhere. God is for real.

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“Consistent Action Creates Consistent Results”

Sunset Speakers creates good “karma”. I missed the trauma. Focus on one at a time. Now I know why I’m single.

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“Consistency is Sanity”

Sunset Speakers is “fastidious” with our open house. Where’s the daddy? Show the kids some love. Human beings can show that we can do anything, even when it’s insane.

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Area 42 and Area 43 Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests

On your mark, get set…. Go Sofia!

Go to a wedding. Sleep deprived. Then tell the tale. Of my tribute. To sainthood.

The pain. The hurricane. The toddler. The first arrest. Lactose intolerant. 

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Palm Beach Advanced Toastmasters

PBAT is “sedulous” in returning after Irma. Get back to the business of you. We are multipotentialite misfits. Wheel of Fortune gave us a trip to Aruba.

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“Part of Courage is Simple Persistence”

Sunset Speakers had “pecuniary” thoughts. It was anxiety. There was a way to control your man, drink water, and get a discount on your power bill – you have to welcome a surprise guest.

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Evaluation Contest

Sunset Speakers found out who the sheep really are. I will try not to be a sheep – wait for my next speech…

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“Your fear decides your fate”

Sunset Speakers had to “opine” about our fears. We have lots of them – xenophobia, kinemortophobia, claustrophobia, glossophobia, trypophobia, acrophobia, metathesiaphobia, alektorophobia, pseudodysphagia, arachnophobia, phobophobia, philophobia, gynophobia, and musophobia.

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“Back to School”

Palm Beach Advanced Toastmasters will “militate” losing members. I took us back to the old school. In class, we learned about wood nickels, clown nerds, and invisible proms.

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