I Am Whole

Sunset Speakers will “cerebrate” working it. Those are the rules. The whole book is being written about your life.

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“The Obstacle is the Path.”

Sunset Speakers is “prominent” in not being sure how we feel about losing the mood ring. Compassion helps people. Even Haiti has its heroes.

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“Setting Goals is the First Step.”

Sunset Speakers has the “commitment” of the students. When a crisis steps in, we step up. We wanted to hear about the new diet. For some reason, I wanted two eggs.

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Palm Beach Advanced Toastmasters

Well, what do you know… PBAT held its Table Topics and International Speech Contests. It’s where I put my faith. Me can be we. We need courage. And adjust this.

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“Don’t wait for the right time.”

Sunset Speakers is “intentional” about just do it. Impeach him. Don’t get on Facebook. Take your time on love (it’s OK to wait for this one).

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“Be Intentional”

Sunset Speakers will “gainsay” the reason why he dropped dead. Guard your mind by using your time wisely. You can take his place and trust his word – he will come back.

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“New Year, Same Vision”

Sunset Speakers is “fortitudinous” in calling it a date. Embrace the knots. Run! I appreciate our home.

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Toastmasters at UF & Shands

I was lucky to be in Jacksonville to share in the holiday “cheer” (and food) with Toastmasters at UF & Shands (Club 3661)! We learned tips like under no circumstances should we exercise between Christmas and New Year’s. The winner was to keep the decorating to a minimum and keep it real. Everyone has a gift; I walked away with a ring!

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It’s the holidays!

Sunset Speakers had a white elephant with a massage, megaphone, and mugs. Life is about being alive!

Special thanks to Heber Santiago and PR Bakery for hosting our holiday party! It was an awesome way to wrap up 2017. See you next year!

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“Be Clear With What You Want.”

Sunset Speakers can “osculate” with the past, present, and future. Like a camera, you can focus, capture, develop, and take another shot. Forgive us. Buying a car should be worth it.

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